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Founded in 2011, Vocal Productions NYC is a not-for-profit organization committed to the serious study of the voice. Carrying on a tradition of vocal art that dates back to the Renaissance and flourished in the Bel Canto era, Vocal Productions NYC produces vocal stage performances of the highest caliber. Its primary mission is to foster education and cultivate performance opportunities for emerging artists and musicians providing artists with venues to display their talents, become more adept and versatile performers and develop repertoire.


The Florentine camerata, opera’s inventors, came to appreciate the physics of the voice and understood that vocal beauty concerned optimum resonance. Singers work towards the ideal of the bel legato, the perfect mezza di voce, the open resonating vowel, the pianissimo high note. Optimal vocal production allows for expression of raw emotion that you have in all the vocal genres: opera, Broadway, pop, rock and jazz. These require intensive study, practice and a nurturing environment that Vocal Productions NYC provides. 


Vocal Productions NYC is dedicated to providing artists with expert and rigorous training as well as the space and time to perfect their instruments, towards the aim that they share them with others with confidence and joy. 



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